Why Movement?

I am a multi-book reader. My mood, and the time of day, often determine what I read.

Currently I am reading Transforming Therapy Through Horses by Lynn Thomas and Mark Lytle. This book is great for therapists, horse lovers, and people who like a good story. For more information on using horses as therapy partners to help people, check out http://www.eagala.org

I am also reading Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman. Kyle compares and contrasts the difference between being simply a “fan” of Jesus or a “follower” of Jesus. There are many “ouch” moments in this one where my toes are trodded on and my shortcomings are exposed.

Lynn and Mark write of movement as change. Without movement there is no change.

This caused me to think of physical changes, you know, the time/space continuum and where we are at any given point. They were referring to not only physical changes between and among the horses and people but also the emotional and mental changes within. Part of the reason horses are so effective in therapy is their very need for movement which offers a different dynamic than the human tendency to avoid change.

Kyle writes, “Following by definition requires more than mental assent, it calls for movement.”

One can be a fan, sit in the stands, maybe cheer a bit, have a cold drink, watch the entertainment. But to follow you must get up, and go!

It hit me upside the head (God often does that to me) that it was more than just weird that this word would be in my face from two widely different sources. Therefore I must ask myself –

Why movement? Why change? Why follow?

Jesus did not say “celebrate me”, He said “Follow me” (Matt 4:19).

If there is anything at all in my life, in your life, that just isn’t right, recognize the need to follow Jesus. Stop being just a fan in the stadium but get up, go, make the changes that are needed. Jesus will, as Kyle puts it, “interfere with your life”. It won’t be easy, it won’t always be fun, but the peace and joy that God promises can be ours.

Ponder this: Are you a fan, content to sit in the stands, cheer, and be entertained, or are you willing to affect change through movement by truly following Him?

About paynefulponderings

Cindy enjoys time with God, her family, and her friends. Writing is her way of sharing how God has worked in her life in hopes of helping others see Him. She stays busy as a wife, mother, grandmother, and caretaker/owner of four horses, two dogs, and five cats.
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  1. Tamarah Staschiak says:

    Very insightful.


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