Passion is a driving force

Passion is a driving force

What does searching for a lost horse and stopping a quarrel between 12 year old girls have in common?


For background information –

The other day, 12 year old girls got into a spat at a softball game. Pulled hair, pushing at each other, and name calling resulted. One mother stepped in to defend her daughter, leaving the other mother standing speechless.

A horse that I’ve taken care of over many years was sold to a new owner. The young lady who previously owned this horse is trying to locate the new owner. She wants to ensure the horse is happy and well cared for. Through social media, the search for this horse (Chloe) has expanded to several states and hundreds of people.


I put lots of time in sharing the photos and posts of the horse on Facebook. Made flyers to post in feed stores and at horse events. Spent brain power on “who to tag next”, “where else can we put flyers”, etc. I feel passionate about this horse and the search to find out if she’s safe.

In Luke, Chapter 15 Jesus tells parables of a “lost sheep”, a “lost coin”, and “the prodigal son”. Each of these stories reflect a passion to find that which is lost. The father of the prodigal son even comes to the son’s defense in the face of his envious brother.

A mother (or father) evokes passion in the defense of their child. God is passionate in our defense too.

A searcher harnesses his (or her) passion in the quest to locate the lost. God is the Searcher who is pursuing the lost. His passion is all-consuming and He will not cease to search and find those who are His.

I’m grateful that we have a God who is more passionate than a defending parent, more passionate than a shepherd looking for a sheep, more passionate than those who spend hours hunting for that last coin.

His passion is everlasting and is a Driving Force. He asks us to share in this passion by telling others of Him. Of Jesus. Of His love. Let’s keep looking for the lost.



About paynefulponderings

Cindy enjoys time with God, her family, and her friends. Writing is her way of sharing how God has worked in her life in hopes of helping others see Him. She stays busy as a wife, mother, grandmother, and caretaker/owner of four horses, two dogs, and five cats.
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