Book Review of The Last Arrow

The Last Arrow: Save Nothing for the Next LifeThe Last Arrow: Save Nothing for the Next Life by Erwin Raphael McManus
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This isn’t just a great book. It’s a challenge for each of us to step into something bigger, get out of our comfort zones, become – MORE.

From the first page to the last, Erwin offers encouragement. He gives us his story, stories from the lives of others. And stories from the Bible, using the life of Elisha as the example of how God works through ordinary people. Ordinary people who, not wanting to be mediocre, offered their Last Arrow, leaving an extraordinary mark on the target of life.

Erwin’s words – “most of us underestimate how much God actually wants to do in our lives and through our lives. The Last Arrow is about leaving nothing undone that was ours to do. It is squeezing the marrow out of life. This journey is about ensuring that when we come to the end of our lives, we will arrive at our final moments with no regret.”

After reading this book, realizing how much more God has in store for me, I will arrive at my final moment with no regrets.

Note: As part of the launch team I read an uncorrected proof. The final product might vary from what I’ve quoted here.

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Cindy enjoys time with God, her family, and her friends. Writing is her way of sharing how God has worked in her life in hopes of helping others see Him. She stays busy as a wife, mother, grandmother, and caretaker/owner of four horses, two dogs, and five cats.
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