One Like No Other

Shattered, broken, shards strewn everywhere. Whether it’s a dish that crashed to the floor, or overwhelming tragedies in life, still—shattered.

Drowning in debt, the loss of a loved one, or relationships falling apart often leave us feeling broken, useless, unworthy. Sometimes the broken dish can be repaired with some glue but usually it’s swept up and thrown into the trash. Devastating circumstances can cause us to trash ourselves, others, give up on any repair.


Yet, there is hope.

God uses these same challenging circumstances to mold us like a potter molds a lump of clay.

A potter places the lump of clay on a wheel and sets the wheel in motion. The clay is thrown in ever spinning circles. The potter’s hands encircle the clay, applying pressure in just the right places to form the shape he desires.

Sharp tools carve out designs, provide special features, help each piece become unique.

One like no other.

Our circumstances, good and bad, become the pressure and the tools in the Lord’s hands as He shapes us into the person He desires.

One like no other.

Just when we think that all is lost, hopeless, God reminds us that He is the Potter, and He’s not finished yet. He squeezes us, remolding, pinching off a piece here, and smoothing over a rough patch somewhere else. He changes us in a “do over.” To make us—

One like no other.

“Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand,” Isaiah 64:8 (NIV).


About paynefulponderings

Cindy enjoys time with God, her family, and her friends. Writing is her way of sharing how God has worked in her life in hopes of helping others see Him. She stays busy as a wife, mother, grandmother, and caretaker/owner of four horses, two dogs, and five cats.
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